COVID-19 Questions And Answers

Are Some Vaccines Made From Aborted Fetal Tissue

Yes and no. Fetal cells from an abortion decades ago were replicated and frozen. Replications of these frozen cells are performed and some of the “offspring” several generations removed are used in vaccine production. There is no need for newly aborted fetal cells. So one would be discussing the moral nature of 1 abortion vs billions of vaccine doses. Some may take issue on principle and that is a rational perspective. What’s most interesting, the argument could be rendered moot by establishing new cell lines from a natural fetal death of a nature that does not compromise health of the cells – eg accident, etc. It would be like donor organs at that point. Easy to accomplish. No more arguments.

Immunity Or No Immunity

See Immunology, WHO Statement debunked, and Asymptomatic definitions.

What Does Asymptomatic Mean

See Asymptomatic definitions.

What Is Herd Immunity

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Why Anosmia, Taste, Sense Of Smell Loss