COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and Severe-Case Treatment

COVID-19 is presenting as many diseases. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and the treatment for ARDS is likely NOT the correct treatment. There is a hemoglobin attack and oxygen deprivation component that is possibly more important to understand and treat than any associated pneumonia related components. The information below comes from various medical professionals who are trying desperately to identify good solutions. Currently it appears that steroids are proving very helpful as noted in the first several links below. Also see COVID-19 Therapeutics and Hospitalized Patient Physical Therapy.

Is short half-life Budesonide, Ciclesonide, and similar Inhaled Corticosteroids (ICS) an optimal treatment in some cases? Do they help increase pulse-oximeter measured blood oxygen saturation levels? Should it be administered on a calendar or physiologic event basis?

Could a rapid acting short-half-life steroid eliminate need for oxygen supplement long enough to begin [monoclonal / polyclonal] antibody (Regeneron) therapy?

Budesonide Reduces Urgent Care And Hospitalization By 91 Percent

“The primary outcome was defined as COVID-19-related urgent care visits, including emergency department assessment or hospitalisation.”.
“In the per-protocol analysis, the primary outcome occurred in ten (14%) participants in the usual care group and one (1%) participant in budesonide group (difference in proportions 0·131, 95% CI 0·043–0·218; p=0·004), indicating a relative risk reduction of 91% for budesonide.”
This effect, with a relative reduction of 91% of clinical deterioration is equivalent to the efficacy seen after the use of COVID-19 vaccine

“In conclusion, we report a case of severe COVID-19 pneumonia that was diagnosed correctly on the basis of typical chest CT findings and other clinical features, with a favorable outcome. Our findings suggest that ciclesonide inhalant may improve the respiratory status in severe COVID-19 pneumonia and is worthy of further study in clinical trials” – Infection Prevention and Control Department Yokohama City University Hospital

Is the half-life of Methylprednisolone >18hrs? Is that excessive in some cases? Is a short half-life dose of Budesonide and pause an improved treatment in some cases?

Is 6mg/day Dexamethasone the correct treatment? Is the half-life of Dexamethasone >36hrs? When administered daily, is the dose cumulative? Is that excessive in some cases? Were some studies that showed depleted immune titers at terminal related to long-half life steroid cumulative effects? Is a short half-life dose of Budesonide and pause an improved treatment in some cases? A possibly related study “27 COVID-19, 51 septic, 18 critically-ill non-septic (CINS)” In the study, the 51+18 cohorts were screened to avoid “greater than or equivalent to 300 mgs/day of hydrocortisone or other immunosuppressive medications” but the COVID-19 cohort was not screened, implying they could have been hit hard with steroids? No treatment info on the COVID-19 group. So how do we know they were not hit hard with steroid? COVID treatments of 6mg/day dexamethasone is equivalent of 150mg hydrocortisone but longer half-life? >36hrs? So it would accumulate up over days? If that were the treatment (again – no way to know from this publication?) how would that end in 10 to 15 days? Is that too much steroid? Is a short hit and pause a better treatment? Or is this study correct and it’s not cytokine induced inflammation at all? Or ?? Study has patient data in important appendix link:

“We found that diabetes mellitus, body temperature ≥ 37.8°C, peripheral oxygen saturation < 92%, and CK-MB > 6.3 are independent predictors of severe disease in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Appropriate assessment of prognostic factors and close monitoring to provide the necessary interventions at the appropriate time in high-risk patients may reduce the case fatality rate of COVID-19”

Do anti-coagulants help increase pulse-oximeter measured blood oxygen saturation levels?

This video, being a bit dated from Mar 31, 2020, provides important background information and is a call for action to reduce damage from improper ventilator use including that of over-pressure and premature use.

Great medical professional group discussion from Apr 24, 2020

This is what should be done instead of premature intubation. Solving the red-blood cell problem is a work-in-progress.

In the video below, the doctors seemed more credible than Senator Peters at 44min. The doctors and other experts speaking at the following times tend to align best with the research done by Really Correct: 0:48, 1:07. 1:20, 1:27, 1:35.
Speakers beyond that have not yet been reviewed.
There were speakers not at those mentioned times that may have alternative opinions that are not fully aligned with Really Correct research.

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