This site is largely an organized collection of links to material held by respected, authoritative, well-established scientific research hubs, equipment manufacturers, and other root-source information providers.

These information sources include NIH, Oxford, Nature, The Lancet, JAMA, NEJM, NCBI, PubMed, medRxiv, ClinicalTrials, SSRN, and many others like them.

This site also contains summaries and news-story references to help introduce, set topic context, and summarize the detailed technical information in the source links. The scientific authority remains with those authoritative information source entities. The summaries include embedded hyperlinks to supporting material and/or are followed by links to supporting material. In general, the information in the linked material takes higher scientific precedence over the summary information that helps introduce the topic and provide the reader with a context in which to view the scientific information pointed-to by the links.

It is hoped that you will find the broad source citations, deep-dive technical depth, and introductory summaries and news links a refreshing alternative to this era’s “popular journalism”.

Finally, if you are skeptical about anything on this site, that is good! Even peer-reviewed and published studies on the finest, most respected, journal sites with “impact factors” among the highest ratings found can and do have errors. Science is an iterative process where-by errors are eliminated via critical thinking and thoughtful scrutiny. You are encouraged to compare what you read here to other information sources to confirm correctness. If you find an error in any of the referenced studies, or in this site’s summaries and commentaries, please provide your feedback so that it may be addressed.

Requests, comments, and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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