COVID-19 Shutdown Overreach And Responses

Hermosa Beach California Harassment Of Family In Park

The Hermosa Beach City Council voted to hire security forces at a rate of $85/hr per security person to enforce mask usage outdoors throughout the entire city after the Hermosa Beach police politely indicated that such activity was not a “good use of their time”. Within days, it was documented that a couple walking their dog in an empty park were cited $100 for not wearing masks. Shortly there-after, a family in an uncrowded Hermosa Beach California park setting was being harassed, and possibly cited with $100 fine, for not wearing masks when no-one else was nearby. In a recent city council meeting it was stated that on the order of 1000 citations were issued. Good government or tyranny?

California City Of Manhattan Beach Overreach And Results

About 2 weeks prior to the incident documented in the video below, the Manhattan Beach City Council approved aggressive enforcement and fines regarding mask usage. This appears to have emboldened aggressive citizens who perform “mask enforcement” as individuals.

An indignant couple wearing masks throwing a drink in the face of man about to eat his burrito NOT wearing a mask. This happened in an affluent area of Manhattan Beach and apparently drew police and fire response. Please notice how uncrowded the area is where this occurred. No one else within 50 feet. The couple doing “mask enforcement” took the first act of verbal and physical aggression as can be determined given statements at the beginning of the video and the visible aggressive coffee throwing.

The mainstream media, once again, has polarized people by mis-representing facts and helped to create government overreach that further polarizes people into a downward spiral as documented in this video.

Please folks, keep in mind that the transmission outdoors is very low probability. And also, the probability of encountering someone with an active COVID infection is also low probability. Taken together, probability of outdoors transmission is extremely low.

It has been demonstrated that there is a link to COVID government overreach and riots. The heated public debate over masks is creating massive public discord, including many documented acts of violence and even increasing the odds of major civil disturbances – and those probabilities are trending much higher than probability of infection outdoors.

Urgent Plea For Help From Woman Who’s Business Has Been Shutdown

George Floyd

Non-linear behavior in physical and biological systems, including human behavior, can create unanticipated results of high significance. Economic shutdowns can lead to people losing jobs and becoming displaced which can lead to personal economic challenges. Emergency orders can enable and require that peace officers enforce restrictions of what would be constitutionally normative citizen behavior, which can lead to excessive use of force and community disconnection. Together, all of these conditions can lead to increased citizen vs law enforcement confrontations, protests, riots, looting, vandalism, and murder. A single event can result in a massive non-linear exponentially amplified behavioral chain of events.

While the following scenario cannot have causality proven, it is an anecdotal observation. George Floyd had criminal offenses dating back to the late 1990’s. He was sentenced to 5 years jail in 2009 for a 2007 crime where he “forced his way inside the residence, placed a pistol against the complainant’s abdomen, and forced her into the living room area of the residence”. George Floyd was released in 2014 from prison in Houston, TX and was part of church related functions in Houston’s Third Ward until “in 2018, he moved from Texas to Minnesota to work as a security guard for the Salvation Army, and then in trucking and as a bouncer, the AP reported“. It seemed George Floyd was on a positive reformation path until he lost his job as a result of COVID-19 and a “confrontation with law enforcement started after a corner store employee accused Floyd of trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill”. That ultimately resulted in his death even though video appears to show that he was not resisting arrest. Then a riot ensued and several stores were set ablaze and looted.

It could be argued that the counterfeit $20 scenario would likely not have occurred outside the COVID-19 shutdowns where police are on higher-alert and being asked to do things by governors and counties that they do not normally do; and people without jobs have more idle time and are more likely to look for alternate income which may involve cash payments and income from unusual sources. The rest is simply a chain of events that did factually occur.

While it is not known, several videos appear to indicate ANTIFA or similar organizations are causing as much or more of the physical damage than people who may have an emotional or race connection to George Floyd. Yet the non-linear chain of events continue to tempt and snare many from all walks of life.

It is almost certain that the members of Floyd’s “Christian family” in Houston are in prayer over this entire set of horrid events.

Violent Protesters Attack Woman with a 2×4

These are the "protesters" Joe Biden and a number of "woke" Hollywood celebs are bailing out of jail right now…Watch what happens at :26 in this surveillance footage of this woman just trying to protect her business from looters in Denver.

Posted by Take Action Colorado on Monday, June 1, 2020
Black Lives Matter and Antifa Rioters Are Pulling People Out of Their Cars In Santa Monica, CA And Beating Them

Black Lives Matter and Antifa Rioters Are Pulling People Out of Their Cars In Santa Monica, CA And Beating Them

Posted by Live Police Pursuits on Sunday, May 31, 2020

Elected Official Hypocrisy

Michigan Gov. Stay At Home Order Foments Armed Protest
But Gov.’s husband wants to float boat on Memorial Day

A 3 to 2 vote. Making a decision that affect 31,000+ restaurants and a multiple of employees. Apparently all 88 cities in LA County are unanimous in their opposition to the order. 3 people do not rule a county in a democracy. That is not a democracy. The systemic / structural issue of government dysfunction under long-term “emergency” orders must be corrected. In December 2020, COVID-19 is NOT an emergency. It is an ongoing problem. Ongoing past, present, and future long-term problems cannot be defined as emergencies.

Lone Malibu SUP Surfer Arrested After Two Boat Chase

Other Incidents and Information

In the Ohio ruling today, the court said in part, “The general public would be harmed if an injunction was not granted,” the judge wrote. “There would be a diminishment of public morale, and a feeling that one unelected individual could exercise such unfettered power to force everyone to obey impermissibly oppressive, vague, arbitrary, and unreasonable rules that the director devised and revised, and modified and reversed, whenever and as she pleases, without any legislative guidance. The public would be left with feelings that their government is not accountable to them.”

Instead, this weekend and again last night, the governor demonstrated an unacceptable level of hubris, for which I cannot stand in silence.  It is the governor’s position that one person, one person alone, can change and suspend election law as demonstrated in his 3 executive orders issued this past Saturday evening, suspending certain election statutes and that he can go around the legislature regarding budget decisions.

Today I was working out with 4 of my employees before we started to clean the gym. A lady walked by and looked through a locked gate. I waved at her and smiled. She walked away.15 minutes later the [redacted city] code enforcement was here.They were extremely nice and understanding. He said he’s been getting a ton of calls from people reporting [redacted] .I thanked him and he went on his way. [city redacted] code enforcement has always been fair and easy to work with in my experience. I commend them during these times because they are inundated with calls.We finished our workout outside.Just wanted to remind everyone that part of community is to support each other and to be kind to one another. Hopefully that is not lost in all of this.

Federal Government Steps In To Halt Tyranny

Who would have ever thought that the Federal Government would confront a city mayor and county health official for being heavy-handed and in violation of law that protects Constitutional rights?


Is it possible that an uptick in theft, violence, and murder is related to a months long shutdown?

“My staff has been told that a person does not wish to, or have to, speak to my disease investigators,” Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, the county’s health commissioner, said Wednesday. Of those being contacted about the party, she added: “They hang up. They deny being at the party even though we have their names from another party attendee.”
Frustrated by the response, county officials on Wednesday took the unusual step of issuing subpoenas to eight people who they believe were at the June 17 party. Those who do not comply and share what they know by Thursday will face fines of $2,000 a day, officials said.

State Of Emergency: COVID Shutdown Related Or Not?

COVID-19 Political Relationships: LA County Health Director

“We don’t realistically anticipate that we would be moving to either tier 2 or to reopening K-12 schools at least until after the election, in early November,” Ferrer told education professionals and school nurses in a conference call. “When we just look at the timing of everything, it seems to us a more realistic approach to this would be to think that we’re going to be where we are now until we are done with the election.”

Educating people and protecting freedom to make choices is far better than government, one size fits all, edicts. Many choices, potentially competing for optimal outcome, enable intelligent, situationally specific, solutions. Legislation is normally constructed over a period of months and years by numerous elected representatives. Sometimes it’s put to voters to decide. In many governments, a new law may be vetoed by an executive in favor of protecting citizens from rapid and unthoughtful changes in law. In the COVID-19 scenario of arbitrary executive, almost dictatorial, edicts, an important principle has been discarded and the effects can be seen every day in the news. It is possible that with a few more years of this kind of social mistrust, the Western world will not be recognizable from the legacy that has improved freedoms throughout the world.